Starcargo 3000


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A long spacecraft, reminiscent of 2001's Discovery One, is in parking orbit above an unstable planet. Mining equipment is being evacuated in large cargo containers which attach directly to the exoskeleton of the giant cargo vessel. But at the same time the containers are propelled upward to the ship, there are violent seismic events on the planet's surface throwing up dangerous debris endangering the vessel. There may even be weapons fired at the spacecraft from somewhere on the planet. The player must use the touch-screen to zap incoming projectiles until all 10 containers are loaded.


- Dynamic touch-screen interface intercepts quickly moving projectiles
- Sound affects accompany shots, hits and collisions
- 3 planets, 45 levels, 12 lethal projectiles
- Openfeint connectivity including Leaderboard and Achievements
- Complete scoring with targets, hits, misses and percentages
- Smooth, responsive graphics which react immediately to touch screen

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